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Riders Information Paper

By applying to the Giòasteka Freeride, you confirm that you accept and will adhere to the event’s rules and comply with all staff directives.

Click/tap here to read (and download) the Rider Information Paper with many useful informations about the event!

Minors attendance

Underage registration and attendance is permitted provided that:

  • a signed parents permission form is submitted via email in advance or handed at the event’s check-in
  • at least one adult accompanies the junior during the event

According to Canton Graubünden’s law, alcoholic soft drinks (wine, beer, alcopops) are allowed from 16 years of age.

Long drinks, spirits and distilled beverages will be served to adults (18+) only.


The following disciplines are allowed on the Giòasteka Freeride 2024’s track:

  • Skateboard/Longboard/Standup
  • Inline Skates
  • Streetluge/Buttboard
  • Gravity Bike/Dirty Surf (no more than 20 per day!)


For Riders’ safety, full face helmet, slide gloves, leather suit or alternatively back protector, elbow and knee pads are mandatory!
No exceptions will be allowed and non adherence to this rule may lead to immediate ban from the track without refund.

No Drift Trikes, Sorry!

Due to safety and transportation issues, we are sorry to announce that during this edition Drift Trikes won’t be allowed on the track anymore!
Thanks for your comprehension!


Giòasteka Freeride 2024 Rates


  • 1 Day CHF/EUR 60.00
  • 2 Days CHF/EUR 100.00
  • 3 Days CHF/EUR 150.00
  • 4 Days CHF/EUR 180.00


Daily riders count is limited to 120.

Rates include:

  • unlimited lift with shuttle vans/pick-ups
  • place for camping with tent (no cars/vans!)
  • 1x “Giòasteka Freeride 2024” T-Shirt
  • 2x dinners @ Base Camp (Fri/Sat)

Registration will be complete after payment only, no exceptions!

If you are registered and for any reason you cannot attend and wish to give your spots to someone else, please let us know first!

We do not allow unannounced changes!

Check-in with someone else registration is not recommended and requires:

  • a proof of the transfer from original registrant
  • CHF/EUR 30.00 extra fee