Giòaseka Freeride 2024 Canceled!

With great regret and sadness, we announce that the Giòasteka Freeride 2024 has been canceled.

An extensive road construction site occupying the last 500 meters of our track opened on April 29 and will last until May 2025.

This roadyard featuring traffic lights, originally planned for last year, was postponed and this year we were initially told it would be further deferred, but eventually materialized leaving us with a big big issue…

… our track is missing its fastest part, the Giòasteka Parking and Meeting Point are on the roadyard’s opposite end, we have no space to steer with vans and we must give full priority to roadwork’s access.

Of course we evaluated alternatives, such as moving the track to a higher spot on the same road or move to another road, but no feasible and safe solutions were found.

So friends… bad news, but we are committed and can’t wait to build next edition, which will most likely be scheduled from Thursday August 21 to Sunday August 24, 2025.

Save the Date!!!

We wish you all a wonderful Summer full of great runs and lot of fun!

See ya next year!