Giòasteka Freeride

Giòasteka Freeride edition #13

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Giòasteka NEWS

Mar 18, 2018

Here we are again!

Despite (still) snowy Alps and cold weather outside, we are already hard at work for the Giòasteka Freeride 2018!
Check back soon to get all fresh infos and for event's registration details!

Aug 24, 2017

Pictures now ONLINE!

Pictures from the Giòasteka Freeride 2017 can be reviewed immediately on our Flickr! page, go ahead!
A big THANK YOU to all contributors!!!

Aug 21, 2017

Pictures & Videos coming soon!

Pictures and videos from the Giòasteka Freeride 2017 will appear soon on our Flickr page and on Facebook. Stay tuned!

Aug 3, 2017

Giòasteka Party!

Giòasteka without Party, as you well know, is simply not… Giòasteka!
This traditional part of our event, is all for you, so… don't miss it!!!

Aug 3, 2017

Free Parking Area

Just like last year, we are able to feature an exclusive parking area to all registered Riders, where overnight in Vans and Motorhomes is allowed!
All informations here!

Aug 2, 2017

Almost ready!

We are hard at work to make everything ready for the 12th Edition of the Giòasteka Freeride.
Please visit our pages to get all details about the event.

May 26, 2017

Registration Update!

Demand for the Giòasteka Freeride 2017 has been really huge and now we are almost full!
Despite sorting out the Riders List, only few free spots remain for Thursday (24), Friday (7) and Sunday (4).
Saturday is overbooked and we really cannot admit other Riders for safety and transportation reasons, sorry!
For more informations, please contact us!

April 10, 2017

Registration SUSPENDED!

After just 23 hours, we are forced to temporarily suspend registration for the Giòasteka Freeride 2017. Demand is really strong and we would like to grant those who already signed up, some time to complete registration.
Please check back for updates!

April 9, 2017

Registration OPEN!

Registration for the Giòasteka Freeride 2017 is OPEN (update: not really!).

April 8, 2017

Registration Starting on April 9!

Registration for the Giòasteka Freeride 2017 is ready to take off!
Tune in tomorrow and get your spot!!!

April 6, 2017

Pricing for the Giòasteka Freeride 2017 Revealed!

Pricing for our 12th Event has just been published. Please click here for details!