Giòasteka Freeride

Giòasteka Freeride edition #14


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The following disciplines are allowed on the Giòasteka Freeride 2019’s track:
  • Skateboard/Longboard/Standup
  • Streetluge/Buttboard
  • Gravity Bike/Dirty Surf*
* for transportation reasons, no more than 20 gears of this class are simultaneously permitted.


For Riders' safety, full face helmet, slide gloves, leather suit or alternatively back protector, elbow and knee pads are mandatory!
No exceptions will be allowed and non adherence to this rule may lead to immediate ban from the track without refund.

No Drift Trikes, Sorry!

Due to safety and transportation issues, we are sorry to announce that during this edition Drift Trikes won't be allowed on the track anymore!
Thanks for your comprehension!